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Visit traditional Liptov shed

Visit traditional Liptov shed

Take a short walk from the hotel to the traditional sheep shed ´Pastierska´in Bobrovecká valley. Sheep graze here in the traditional way, directly in the fields and they are milked by hand. Raw sheep's milk is processed on site to make traditional cheese, which you can sample along with traditional cheese drink called ´žinčica´.

The season begins in April and ends in October.

salas pastierska 2

Sale of cheese and other milk products starts 1st May and opening hours are daily from midday to 6 pm. In September and October the opening hours are shortened - from 2 pm to 5 pm due to reduced production of cheese.

salas pastierska 4

You can also buy traditional souvenirs made from various natural materials (wood, leather, ceramics) - dippers, axes, whistles, shepherd whips, bells and a bell or even fur of sheep as a reminder for yourself or a charming gifts for your loved ones.

Read more: http://www.ppsbobrovec.sk

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