Restaurant & catering



The hotel restaurant enchants guests not only with great food, but also with its equipment. You can sit by the fireplace, or yuo can admire the fresco of the wall painting, which depicts how the monks of the Templar travel with the holy chalice to Jerusalem. Our cuisine is characterized by Slovak specialties, while the goods are mainly from local producers from home farms, prepared by our chef with expertise and professionalism.



The proverb says "the way we eat, the way we feel" We prepare a variety of dishes for you every day according to your choice, while we choose fresh ingredients from local small breeders and farmers. The dishes boast the title of Liptov specialty, which the hotel's chef plans and prepares with high expertise, many years of experience and secret recipes from mothers.

In the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant, which is dominated by a pillar of fire and a relief of the Last Supper and Templar Knights, you can enjoy excellent dishes prepared from high-quality fresh ingredients.

Of course, we also do not forget families with children, for whom we have created a special children's menu. We change the menu and supplement it with seasonal dishes according to the current offer.

The restaurant's capacity of 80 seats can be expanded up to 120 seats by connecting with the Old Monk Hermitage.

Restaurant opening hours: 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.



Folk music, which we can provide on request, will complete the cozy atmosphere. The taste of grilled specialties is complemented by a glass of draft beer or a glass of quality Slovak wine from our wine list.

Pustovňa of old monk is a separate part of the restaurant with a capacity of up to 40 people. The variability and layout of the premises (Hermitage + Restaurant) allow the capacity to be increased to 120 places.

Tha Barn

In the Barn of Old Mothers you will experience a true Liptov dinner, where the appetite will be strengthened by the fresh mountain air and the atmosphere of the indoor open grill, the outdoor fireplace for grilling and also the light lantern decoration or bonfire, which we will prepare for you upon request. You can leave the food to our shefs, or we will supply and prepare quality ingredients for you, and you can prepare and serve the food to yourself.

If you would like to enjoy the evening with music and dancing, we will also prepare a 'Dance Room' right next to Barn

The Barn of old mothers offers space for a maximum of 80 people with period seating on wooden benches. It is especially popular for a closed company.

V zimnom období poskytujeme pre hostí deky na lavice.


We believe that together with you we will set a festive menu so that you stop for a small moment while enjoying great food and we enchant your senses not only visually , but also by smell and taste.

Coffee break

Snacks during training or a family meeting or team building always give us energy and strength during the day. As part of the coffee break, you can choose from alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, through mixed drinks to small snacks such as mini baguettes, rich plated bowls, canapés, sandwiches and ham and cheese variations, up to a sausage special De Luxe bowl of the Hotel Mních. Drinks table according to your taste, we will prepare all of it in the style you choose. That you feel pleasant and special.


To add variety to your late fun evening, don't forget to replenish your energy with tasty light food. Served meat specialties of your choice or buffet tables. Light plated bowls, or Liptov killer delicacies. We will prepare a tailor-made meal for you so that until late at night you are full of energy and vital.

Grill party

Game meals

The mountain hotel Mních is offering thelocal products such as tasty fish, duck, goose, or game specialties, which are prepared by the hotel's head chef in the traditional Slovak way and with a secret ancient recipe and flavored Liptov herbs.


You can enjoy tastings of various wines, rums, cognac or coffee producers. We will prepare tastings for you in a professional manner with a historical explanation and a pinch of fun, while we will reveal to you the secret ways of growing and producing wines, or coffee and cognacs so that you feel like a master sommelier.